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About The Author

Rob Morin is not a best-selling author of The New York Times, USA Today or the Wall Street Journal, and he’s never won a literary award of any kind. He has no credentials, qualifications, or accomplishments that make him particularly worthy of being an author and he has no previous works. He wrote Robbie and George, as a tribute to his parents, to Rose Labrie and to simply share the story. For him, it’s where his life really began, where he developed a keen appreciation for his parents, for best friends and how their important roles can have such an influence on a child of an impressionable age. Along the way he also learned to respect and cherish all that the sea has to offer. Rob has spent much of his life living aboard boats (both power and sail) and has enjoyed sailing to remote places he can’t pronounce or spel. He has no dogs, cats, or goldfish to report, only an unusual seagull. He hopes you will buy his book and tell others to, so he can continue to travel on his little boat and fund his 40K1. When it’s time to head ashore, Rob usually ends up in and around Portsmouth, NH… a special place on earth that he calls home.  

When I was 9, I met a bird that changed my life.

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Author, Rob Morin



My Fair Lady

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