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Based on a true story

Robbie is a lucky kid. He spends summers living on a boat with his parents in Kittery, Maine. He loves to fish and motor around the harbor in his little boat, Dolittle. But sometimes Robbie feels a little lonely. Sometimes he feels like he doesn't fit in. Then, one day, he meets a very special seagull named George and things change.

For the rest of the summer, Robbie and George are inseparable. They go on adventures together, and as Robbie gets more confident, they push the boundaries and the rules set out by Robbie's parents. When an unexpected storm comes, Robbie learns that rules are put in place for a reason, and that there is nothing quite as special as a true best friend.

Based on the real childhood experience of author Rob Morin, Robbie & George is a charming tale full of friendship, seafaring stories, and adventure.


Robbie & George

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